Nick and Waititi

Posted: 26 Sep 2019

Nick and Waititi are two 13-year-old dogs who were rescued by an SPCA Inspector. Nick and Waititi spent months in the care of SPCA to recover and find a new, loving, forever home - one that could provide them with everything they needed to be happy and healthy.

This senior duo was very lucky to find the perfect home with a new guardian who was ready to give them their happy ever-after. Their new guardian reports:

"Nick and Waititi are just the loveliest dogs and I can't believe my luck! They've settles in really well - they're great company and put big smiles on everyone's faces. Waititi is his energetic and curious self, and sneaks into my room to look at himself in the mirror. Nick is improving in leaps and bounds (literally) from when he first arrived, when he was noticeably stiff with arthritis. He's now jumping on the couch like a gazelle and doing zoomies (well, old-man zoomies) on the lawn."