Freedom to express normal behaviour

All goats should be allowed to express their normal behaviours. A normal behaviour is the way an animal acts in their natural environment. Enough space, proper shelter and housing, as well as the company of the animal’s own kind, encourages the expression of normal behaviours.

Did you know that there is a special law protecting animals?

This law is called the Animal Welfare Act. The Animal Welfare Act says that your animal has five groups of welfare needs. These are five groups of things that animals need to be healthy and happy. These five welfare needs are called the Five Freedoms.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, all animal guardians (owners) need to provide these five groups of things for their animals. One of these Five Freedoms is: Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour. In this section you will learn about this freedom and how you can make sure your goats receive the exercise and enrichment they need to be free to express their normal behaviour.



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