Patrick’s Bird Café

Posted: 09 Sep 2015
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Patrick’s Bird Café  – By Charlie H
Monday, it was Claire  . . .
“Mr Davis, my jam and cheese sandwiches have been stolen!”
Tuesday, it was Josh . . .
“Mr Davis, somebody has stolen my honey oat cookies!”
Wednesday, it was Abbie . . .
“Arrrrrrgh Mr Davis, somebody has eaten my fried rice and they’ve left a mess all over the cloak bay floor!”
“We need to set up a hidden camera” suggested Claire, “We need to set a trap” shouted Josh, “We need to spy” whispered David.
So on Thursday morning Room 16 each found a place to hide, they sat quietly, they sat patiently, they listened carefully, they watched and they waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . .
Then at 9.47am they saw him! Slowly and cautiously he wandered into the cloak bay, his wee head bopping and bobbing. His body was a soft, pale grey; his neck and head shimmery purple and green; he looked left and right, before fluttering up to Tyrone’s yellow and black Pacman bag. Balancing on the bag hook, he examined the inside of the bag, then reached down, leaving only his tail in sight.
Room 16 could hear scrunching and rustling as he grabbed Tyrone’s crinkly, brown, paper lunch bag! He flew up, the bag firmly in his beak and landed on the cloak bay floor, he proceeded to tug and tow the egg and mayo sandwiches out of the bag, though before he could start peaking - Tyrone could handle it no longer and yelled “No they’re mine!” The pigeon dropped the sandwiches, turned, looked and flew outside.
Tyrone raced to his sandwiches, picking them up and cradling them in his arms. “Well, we now know who the lunch thief is!” said Mr Davis, “We’ll have to give him a name” said Kingston, “Thief” snarled Tyrone! “That’s not fair” snapped Claire, “he’s obviously hungry, and unlike us, he can’t just go the supermarket with his mum or dad to buy food, where else is he meant to get it from around here?” “Patrick the Pigeon” whispered David, everyone agreed, “so Patrick it is” said Mr Davis.  “We now need to think of a way to keep Patrick happy” said Claire, “but still keep our lunches!” chimed Tyrone. “Why don’t we build a bird feeding table in our thinking garden” suggested Clark, “and a bird bath” added Toni. “That way Patrick won’t be so hungry that he steals our lunches, and he’ll learn that the thinking garden is a much better place to hang out than our cloakroom”. So with that Room 16 set to work designing the best ever bird table and the coolest bird bath.
For the next 3 weeks, they designed, constructed, trialled and tweaked what soon became a bird café, as Room 16 decided that it wasn’t fair to just cater for seed eaters like Patrick. So, there was a feeding table for the seed eaters like Patrick, a sugar water feeder for the nectar drinkers like the Tūī, and a fruit and suet feeder for the pīwakawaka,  kererū and tauhou. Room 16 made sure all of their feathered friends would be welcome and catered for!
Word of Room 16’s bird café got around and on hearing about their awesome idea, locals from around the town, began dropping off tī kōuka, tōtara, pūriri, tītoki, Kōwhai, Māpou, taupata, pōhutukawa, kōhūhū  – native trees bursting with nectar, fruit and seeds loved by native birds!
The local newspaper soon heard of Room 16’s amazing bird café, they published an article, and soon schools all around start designing and creating their own bird cafes . . .
Who would have thought a lunch pinching pigeon named Patrick started something so special!