Meet Shalsee

Shalsee is one of SPCA’s very skilled and dedicated veterinarians. 

SPCA Veterinarians treat sick and injured animals, they provide general and critical animal care, and advise about health care and disease prevention for companion and farm animals. Like human doctors, animal doctors (veterinarians) are highly skilled in their field. 

SPCA Veterinarians undertake a full range of medical duties, including prescribing and administering medical treatments, performing surgeries, microchipping, using diagnostic techniques such as laboratory tests and X-ray examinations, assisting pregnant animals and vaccinating against disease.

An important element of working as an SPCA Veterinarian is a passion for animal welfare and excellent communication skills. Each day, our veterinarians must answer queries as well as educate and inform members of other teams and sometimes the public. 

SPCA Veterinarians also undertake regular training to ensure they have knowledge of the latest techniques in veterinary care and provide supervision to enhance the skills of less experienced veterinarians and veterinary students.