Octopus Tug Toy

This awesome octopus toy can be used to play tug, fetch, or your dog can use it to express their normal chewing behaviours!

Materials needed:

  • Fleece blanket or flannelette sheet
  • Tennis Ball
  • Scissors


Part 1:

  1. Cut two squares of fabric approximately 80cm x 80cm or bigger and place one on top of the other.
  2. Place a tennis ball in the middle of the fabric and cut the corners out of the fabric.
  3. Cut each segment of fabric into four strips.
  4. Cut a small strip of fabric. Wrap the fabric around the tennis ball and secure with the extra strip of fabric.
  5. Divide the strips into groups of four. It helps to tie them off so that you can keep track of them.  

Part 2:

  1. Gather the four pieces of fabric together at one end and tie into a good secure knot.
  2. With the d lengths make a diagonal loop down from right to left, so that length d is on the other side of length c.
  3. With length c make a loop diagonally up from left to the right, so that length c is on the other side of length d.
  4. Pass length a over the open end of length c and through the loop of length d.
  5. With length b go over the open end of length d passing through the loop of length.
  6. Now tighten the lengths evenly and a square will appear
  7. Repeat this technique until you have just enough left at the end to tie a knot.

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