Finding Hope: The Story of Pumba and Her EUGY Model

Meet Pumba, an SPCA mixed-breed pup rescued from Kaiti Beach, Gisborne, alongside her sisters Piglet and Winnie. Despite her rough start, Pumba is a bundle of joy, always on the move and ready to play with her favourite tug toy.

In collaboration with our friends at Dodoland, SPCA Kids’ have created a special EUGY model inspired by Pumba's story. This model, named Hope’, symbolises second chances for all animals cared for by SPCA. EUGYs are sustainable paper craft toys made from cardboard, and Hope's creation celebrates SPCA's dedication to improving the lives of animals (animal welfare) and Pumba's journey from being abandoned at a beach to adoption by a loving forever family. 

Hope will help spread awareness of the work SPCA do to care for animals in need.



Hope, the SPCA Dog EUGY, is enjoying playing with a tug toy. A tug toy is an easy-to-make dog and puppy rope enrichment toy.Would you like to make a tug toy for your dog or for the dogs at your local SPCA Centre?

Click HERE to learn how to make these fun toys!  

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