Centre Tour

Every kind, caring and responsible person looking to give an animal a forever home is always welcome to visit the animals for adoption at SPCA.

Check with your local centre for their public opening hours.

Remember – SPCA is not like a zoo. SPCA rescues animals who have been in accidents, abused or abandoned. SPCA provides a safe haven, as well as love and care for these animals until they are able to find a forever home. 

Some SPCA centres have specific areas in which they are able to host different types of school talks or tours, you can check with your local centre if this is something they have the resources to facilitate.

To ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors and the well-being of animals in their care, there are some SPCA centres that are not designed to host school talks or tours. So here we are putting together a collection of SPCA virtual tours! 

Our first tour explores SPCA Auckland – make sure you revisit as we will be adding tours of other centres soon!