Cold Weather Advice

We need to wrap up warm during the winter months. It can be so cold here in New Zealand and it's important to remember that animals feel the cold too. Leaving them unprotected can spell danger for companion animals (pet animals). Here are our tips for keeping your companion animals warm during the cold winter months.

Watch the water!

Your animals still need to drink plenty of water during winter, so continue to keep an eye on their water bowls. They may freeze over so you will need to refill them with  fresh, clean water.

Provide warm, dry shelter

Just like people, animals need places where they are sheltered from wind, rain and cold weather. It is a good idea to make sure your animals are not housed on the  damp, cold ground during winter – consider raised beds or a shelter which is raised off the ground. Your animal’s shelter must be as comfortable as possible.

Bedding should be soft, warm, dry and cleaned regularly.

Poor Paws

When the temperature is very cold, some humans put salt or anti-freeze on the ground to melt ice on the ground. Don't let your animals walk in these areas as their  sensitive paw pads can burn.

Some animals also like to lick anti-freeze, as it contains a sweet sugar taste – don’t let them do this as anti-freeze is very poisonous! 


Make sure your animals have snuggly, warm blankets and cosy beds to keep them warm during the winter months.

Raised beds for dogs are usually best, as they will keep your dog dry and away from the cold, damp ground.


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