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Calling all authors . . . Have you written an animal themed story? Here is a space for young authors like yourself to celebrate their work. Fiction or non-fiction, send it though to us and we’ll add it to our collection.

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Thursday, 30 Mar 2017
The Cat That ALWAYS Comes Back When She Needs a Nap! - By Miriam The cat that always comes back likes naps. The cat that always comes back NORMALLY needs a nap. The cat that always comes back likes naps on MY... more
Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016
My name is Hadley and I am a Year 5 student.  Recently at school we did speeches and I chose to do mine on the SPCA. I am really passionate about spreading the word about the wonderful work of the SPCA... more
Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015
A Friend Who’s Always There – By Trinity It’s funny, my dog knows just how I feel. When I'm sad, in my bedroom she’s beside me. When I’m happy,  in the kitchen she is... more
Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015
My Problem with Factory Farming – Speech by Tania K Factory farming is a modern agricultural practice that mass produces animals to meet the food demands of many humans. Factory farms house large numbers of... more
Wednesday, 09 Sep 2015
My Cat - by Camille   My cat, is a bit too fat. My cat, has a woollen, catnip rat.   My cat, sleeps on his mat.   My cat, likes a good pat.   My cat, is like... more
Wednesday, 09 Sep 2015
A Day In The Life Of Harry My Cat – by Campbell Harry wakes up  Eats  Finds a private place in the garden,  He returns  Finds a sunny spot  And sleeps Harry wakes... more
Wednesday, 09 Sep 2015
Patrick’s Bird Café  – By Charlie H   Monday, it was Claire  . . . “Mr Davis, my jam and cheese sandwiches have been stolen!”   Tuesday, it was Josh . .... more
Wednesday, 09 Sep 2015
My Best Friend - by Neeha My best friend has eyes as green as grass. My best friend cuddles me . . . she gives the best cuddles. My best friend has teeth as sharp as pins. My best friend plays with... more
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