Braided Tug Toy for dogs and puppies

Once you’ve got the hang of making a basic plaited tug-toy, you could have a go at making a four piece braided tug-toy. Four piece braided tug-toys are excellent for larger, stronger dogs who need toys that are a bit more durable.

Equipment needed:

  • Four long pieces of fabric (old, clean sheets cut into strips are perfect)


Gather the four pieces of fabric together at one end and tie into a good secure knot.

With the 4 lengths make a diagonal loop down from right to left, so that length 4 is on the other side of length 3.

With length 3 make a loop diagonally up from left to the right, so that length 3 is on the other side of length 4.

Pass length 1 over the open end of length 3 and through the loop of length 4.

With length 2 go over the open end of length 4 passing through the loop of length.

Now tighten the lengths evenly and a square will appear

Repeat this technique until you have just enough left at the end to tie a knot.

You can choose to keep your tug toy as a long rope or knot the ends together to create a ring that can be tugged, thrown or chewed!