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Students and their schools support their local SPCAs by raising funds in lots of really fun ways. Fundraising is a great way to help SPCA if you are still a bit too young to volunteer at your local SPCA Centre.

There are lots of different fundraising ideas, here are some of the ways young people in our community have raised money for the animals: 

NOTE - Parents, guardians and teachers: please note that SPCA does NOT endorse door-to-door fundraising activities.

Sponsored Stuff: 

You can just about make up and do a sponsored anything! Sponsored skate-a-thon, sponsored silence, sponsored dog walk, sponsored knit, sponsored hula-a-hoop – the list is endless! So why not decide what you’re going to do, set a date to do it, get family and friends to support you, and then do it! Easy!

Car Wash:

Important: make sure a parent or guardian is supervising. There are two ways this can be done - either charge per car that is washed, or get sponsored a set amount for each car you wash.

Odd Jobs:

Do odd jobs around the house for family and/or pocket money donated to SPCA animals.

SPCA Guardian Programme:

Join SPCA Guardian programme as a class, school or family and make an automatic monthly donation.

SPCA Animal Piggy Bank:

Start an ‘SPCA Animal Piggy Bank’ at home or school; all those spare coins can be collected and when it’s full, take it to the SPCA.

Grow plants and vegetables: 

Grow plants and vegetables and sell them to family and friends.

Birthday Parties:

At your next birthday party, instead of birthday presents, just ask your friends and family to bring donations for SPCA of animal food, old towels/blankets or old jumpers, or even a gold coin donation. You can bring it all out to your local SPCA and have a look around while you’re here.

Animal Themed Dress Up Day:

Dress up days are a fun and easy way of raising money for New Zealand’s animals. Why not make them even more fun by adding an ‘animal’ theme to the day? Think animal onesies, cat t-shirts and face-paint!

Spelling Bee: 

Compete in teams or as individuals. Make it into a competition or just play for fun - either way, it’s educational.

Scavenger Hunt: 

Like a mini Amazing Race, host a scavenger hunt at your school and bring out the competitive spirit of your classmates as they team up to take on the challenge. Ask participants for a donation and award various prizes throughout the competition.

Bake Sale: 

Set up a stall and ask for a donation for your delicious baked treats. Any money you
 raise can be donated straight to the animals at your local SPCA.

Fashion Show:

Run a charity fashion show at your school and charge guests to come along and watch.

Talent Competition: 

Has your school got talent? Look hard enough and you might just find the X-Factor! Charge an entrance fee to come and watch the competition and the audience can ultimately decide the winner. Raise even more money by adding a raffle or auction to the event.

Fundraising Fair: 

Turn your school fair into a fundraising event and you could raise significant amounts of money for SPCA animals. Ask for a percentage of profit from each stall to come to SPCA and host a charity raffle and auction to raise even more money.

The important things to remember are:

  • Be safe
  • Involve your family, classmates and friends
  • Share animal care information with everyone you know who has an animal
  • Make sure you have permission from your parents/ guardians/teachers before you start your fundraising ideas
  • NEVER collect money going ‘door-to-door’
  • Tell us about it
  • The first three letters in fundraising spell FUN so have a great time and raise money for your local SPCA at the same time.

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