Information for Families and Whānau

SPCA’s vision is to inspire a kinder, more compassionate Aotearoa for animals and people by providing free and engaging online animal welfare themed teaching and learning resources. SPCA’s Kids’ Portal is a fun and interactive learning platform for children and it is one of the key components SPCA developed to help realise their vision.

Supporting your child's empathetic development

Children learn best through meaningful, on-going experiences that are shared and encouraged between the home, school or education setting, and within their wider whānau and community.

This is why SPCA developed a diverse range of free, online education resources, to ensure every young learner, parent or guardian, and New Zealand teacher can access resources that encourage children's exploration and the development of knowledge, skills, and understandings needed to create feelings of empathy, compassion, respect and justice for the lives of all living things.

There is a lot of advice and research out there that suggests having a companion animal is a great way to teach children compassion and responsibility. However, the presence of animals in a home alone does not automatically make children more empathetic. Click on the content below to learn more.