Boris the Duck

Posted: 22 Jun 2021

Boris the Duck

By Hannah

I was walking along the road when I saw a duck. I picked it up and I thought it needed help so I took it to the SPCA. They said it has a broken leg. The SPCA said they would look after him but he would never be able to go back in the wild.

“Will he be able to be a pet?” I asked

“Yes, we will look after him until his leg is mended.”

So I went home. I thought if no one wanted the duck I might be able to have him.

The next day I told Mum about the duck and I asked Mum if I could have the duck. Mum said I could have him for a week, but if I couldn’t look after him I would have to give him back.

“So that is a yes then?” I asked Mum. I put my shoes on and ran to the SPCA. When I got there I said “has anyone got the duck?”. “No”they said. “My Mum said I can have him.”

“Can you show me where he is?”

“Ok, thank you so much”

I ran back home with the duck in my hands. I was thinking about a name…. Mr Quack? No. Ducky? No. Boris ? Yes!!. I got home and said to Mum his name is Boris.

“What a great name” said Mum.

I made a pond for Boris. Mum said to be careful of Boris’ leg.

“Yes Mum”. So I got back to work. I got some lily pads. I put Boris in the pond. He loved it!!

“Ring, ring “ “Hannah – someone wants to talk to you.”

“Hello – Hannah speaking”

“It’s the SPCA, how is the duck going?”

“You mean Boris?”

“Oh, he has a name?”


“So has Boris going really good?” “That’s great”

“Well I had better go, bye”

I went to play with Boris for a while, until Mum said it was dinner time. I thought – what will Boris eat? Don’t worry, I will go to the shop. So Boris and I went to the shop. Boris had dinner and then went to bed. Boris slept on my pillow beside my bed.