Meet Fiona

Fiona is the manager of one of SPCA’s farms. 

Working on a farm requires knowledge of farm animals, a good level of fitness and thorough understanding of health and safety practices. 

SPCA Farm Attendants shift or herd stock between paddocks, drench and dip animals, and administer basic medications as directed by veterinarians to keep animals healthy and nurse those that are unwell back to health.  

SPCA Farm Attendants care for orphaned farm animals, attend to animals while they are giving birth, they clean, maintain and repair pens, yards and fences, and operate and farm machinery. 

This team also prepares and delivers food (including special diets) to farm animals, they also ensure all animals have easy access to fresh, clean water at all times. They clean and prepare comfortable sleeping quarters for animals, clear away animal waste; clean, disinfect and look after animal enclosures; and check locks. 

SPCA Farm Attendants also support, educate and offer advice and guidance to members of the public who foster, intend to adopt or who have already adopted a farm animal from SPCA.