Adopt an Animal

Every year, thousands of animal of all shapes, sizes, and ages come into SPCA. All of them have an individual story to tell and deserve a loving, forever home. May of these animals are simply lost pets or unwanted litters. Others have been abandoned or have suffered from cruelty or neglect. Some come into SPCA's care because their owners simply could no longer care for them.

We highly recommend adopting an animal in need for a number of reasons:

  1. When you adopt from SPCA, you're saving an animal's life and giving them a second chance at a happy, healthy life. 
  2. Adopting an animal from SPCA saves more than one life. Not only do adoption fees help future animals, but when you adopt, you make room in shelters for other animals. 
  3. When adopting, you will be appropriately matched with a dog that is most suitable for you. Our qualified staff know all about the animals in our care and will be able to pair you with an animal that suits both of your needs.
  4. Our staff also give expert advice about training, feeding, behaviour, etc. and will provide continued support to ensure the transition from shelter to home goes smoothly.
  5. Animals from SPCA come vet and temperament checked, microchipped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and all dogs are registered with the local council so it costs less than buying an animal from a pet store.
  6. As all animals adopted out from SPCA are spayed/neutered, you're helping to stop companion animal overpopulation

Before you adopt, you should make sure you're prepared for the responsibility of having a companion animal. Visit the Adopting a Companion Animal section of the Kids' Portal and go through the questions with your family! 

You can learn more about adoption and take a look at the animals available for adoption here