Pompom Balls for Cats and Kittens

Our cats and kittens love toys to play with and having fun toys stops them  from getting bored while they are waiting to find their forever home. You can make pompom balls for our cats and kittens by following the instructions below. 

Remember to ask your parent's or guardian's permission before making these toys or giving them to your own pets to play with. Cats should always be supervised when playing with this toy.

Parents: It is your responsibility to ensure that this project and this toy are appropriate for your child and your pet!

Equipment needed:

  • A4 sheet of flexible cardboard
  • Wool
  • Scissors


  1. Start with two round, lightweight, flexible cardboard pieces, about 11cm across, with a hole cut out in the centre about 3cm across.
  2. Wind wool into 5 to 7 little balls, small enough to fit through the centre hole of the cardboard pieces. You can use different coloured wool  for a multi-coloured ball.
  3. Hold the flat cardboard rings centre as you wind around the surface of the ring. Continue until all balls of wool have been wound  around the rings.
  4. Cut the wool around the outer edges by carefully sliding the blades of the scissors between the two flat cardboard pieces. Cut the wool by keeping the blades of the scissors between the cardboard pieces so that the wool is cut evenly.
  5. Before removing the cardboard pieces, slip a piece of wool between the rings and tie it tightly around the cut wool. Pull the  wool to the opposite side of the ball and tie tightly again, then repeat on the first side, tying 2-3 times to make the ball as secure as possible.
  6. Pull off the card rings and fluff out the ball.
  7. Trim off any straggly ends on the wool and cut the tie strings to match the length of the ball wool.
  8. It is that easy! Just add cats or kittens for endless fun.

Many thanks from the cats and kittens at SPCA!