Tennis Ball Rope Toy for Dogs and Puppies

The dogs here at SPCA really love these rope toys – they are definitely one of their favourite things to play with. Because these toys are a bit trickier to make than the other toys on this page, it’s a good idea to get an adult to help you make them – especially with the drilling step.

REMEMBER: Always supervise your dog when playing with this toy. If the tennis ball starts falling apart, throw it away. You do not want your dog eating pieces of tennis balls or rope. Find a new tennis ball and make a new toy.

Equipment needed:

  • Rope
  • Tennis balls
  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • The ability to tie a good, strong knot


  1. Cut rope to the desired length, keeping in mind you will lose some length with the knots you tie. If you want to create this toy for a large dog, use a longer rope so you can include more knots.
  2. Tie one tight knot slightly off center in the rope.
  3. Take the tennis ball and drill a small hole through the top - large enough to thread the rope through.
  4. Drill another hole at the opposite end.
  5. Thread the rope through the ball until your knot touches the ball surface. Tie another knot in the rope at the bottom of the ball. The two knots will keep the ball in place. You can tie additional knots in rope for chewing if you want.

Many thanks from the dogs and puppies at SPCA!

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