Help the SPCA

Posted: 05 Nov 2019

Help the SPCA

by Isabel, 1st Place Junior Winner of the Kind Matters 2019 Writing Competition


Ruff ruff! A dog's life is tough.

Running around and peeing on stuff!

I will learn how to sit, jump, and stand,

I can even shake your hand!


I want to eat,

I want some bones and a treat.

I am using my puppy eyes, you can't resist

I want food and toys, I have a whole list!


But some of us are alone and sad,

So please treat us good and not bad.


Meow meow, I play with my string,

it is my everything

I don't need you to look after me,

you're just a human, I'm gorgeous as can be.


If you don't care for me, then I will face my fear,

I could lose sight or even an ear! 

I love to climb trees, don't let me fall,

these trees are so high and extremely tall.


We will let you even pet our fur,

and we will thank you as we purr!


Bla bla, I am a human.

we can help, we all day,

you can write a poem, that is a way,

do it for the SPCA.


Caw caw, I'm a bird, 

we need help, haven't you heard?

We fly in the sky, but not for long,

something is happening, 

something is wrong.


We are slowly dying, 

we're getting extinct,

our population has sinked.