Freshwater and Wetlands

New Zealand’s freshwater and wetland habitats are incredible places that support the greatest concentration of wildlife - more than any other habitat in the country! There are lots of different types of these habitats in NZ. These include lakes, rivers, streams, swamps and bogs, estuaries, geothermal pools, etc.


Freshwater and Wetland Habitats

Rushing freshwater streams and calm, beautiful lakes make the perfect place for many species of fish and birds to live.

Many species of birds and fish rely on the water and plants that freshwater and wetland habitats provide. These amazing animals (and plants) have adapted to thrive in these environments. They wouldn’t want to, and often can’t survive, anywhere else.  When these environments are healthy and thriving, they offer animals food, shelter, a place to raise their young, and everything else they need to lead happy, healthy lives.

These habitats are also important for humans as certain plants trap carbon, making them essential for managing climate change, they boost the quality of water, and they reduce the risk of flooding.

Have a look below at the amazing taonga that make freshwater and wetland habitats their home, what challenges they face, and how you can help!


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