Urban, Backyard, and Garden

Urban areas are where humans have settled and built towns and cities. With humans having encroached on animals’ habitats to do so, more and more animals are sharing these urban areas with people, including backyards and gardens.

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Urban, Backyard, and Garden Habitats

As we have removed many natural habitats to make way for urban development, we need to ensure that these regions are animal-friendly. Creating spaces in your school grounds, as well as your backyard and garden, that are safe and best reflect these animals’ natural habitats is a great way to do so!

Fruit bearing trees, flowers, and plants attract native birds, invertebrates (insects, worms, snails, etc.), and give them a place to eat, sleep, rest, etc.

These animals deserve our respect and kindness just as much as any other animal, so it’s best to help and watch them from a distance.

Have a look below at the amazing taonga that make urban, garden, and backyard habitats their home, what challenges they face, and how you can help!


Wild Birds

Watching wild birds forage for food, nest and raise young in our gardens or sing happily from a backyard tree brings joy to many people.

As humans, we have changed birds’ natural environment significantly, by clearing large areas of vegetation, to create roads and construct buildings, and introducing new animals to areas they were never once found.

This has placed birds under pressure, with competition to find food, shelter, safety and suitable habitats to breed in. Therefore, it is only fair that we help them survive in the environments we’ve created, this is especially important when they hurt or injure themselves. 



Hedgehogs are regular visitors to school grounds, parks, gardens and yards. There are many different opinions about hedgehogs. Some people call them pests; some call them gardener’s friends. Others say it depends whether they live in a suburban backyard or an area of native bush inhabited by native species. 

Regardless of what you label them, hedgehogs are living beings with needs and feelings and unfortunately, they are an animal that is often found sick, injured and suffering. When we care about living creatures, we never want to see any in pain and suffering. So here, we offer some information about hedgehogs and some tips on what to do if you should happen to find one that is in need of help. 


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